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12th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming

Brussels, Belgium, July 20 - 24, 1998

Was Organised in cooperation with AITO, the Official Sponsor of ECOOP

Though ECOOP'98 is over, we will keep the final programme on these web-pages. Note that now you can read Andrew P. Black's Banquet Speech ('98.html).

Conference at a Glance

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July 19
July 20
Registration Exhibitor's Reception
W1, W2, W4, W8, W10, W12 W14, W18
Lunch Workshops
W1, W2, W4, W8, W10, W12 W14, W18
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SCM-8 (T5) SCM-8 Exhibits
July 21
Registration Belgian Beer
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Lunch Workshops
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Exhibits Exhibits, Posters
July 22
Registration   Welcome
Technical Programme Lunch Technical Programme
Demonstrations D6, D5, D9 Demonstrations D1, D3, D6
Exhibits, Posters
July 23
Registration Conference
Technical Programme Lunch Technical Programme
Demonstrations D9, D2, D7 Demonstrations D4, D3, D8
Exhibits, Posters
July 24
Registration Farewell
Technical Programme Lunch Technical Programme
Demonstrations D2, D1, D8 Demonstration D4, D5, D7
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Web Site at a Glance

Tutorials Workshops
T1:UML Distilled: Techniques for Object-Oriented Analysis and Design W1:The 8th Workshop for PhD Students in Object-Oriented Systems
T2:modelling Component Architectures W2:Techniques, Tools and Formalisms for Capturing and Assessing Architectural Quality in Object-Oriented Software
T3:Using Subject-Oriented Programming to Overcome Common Problems in Object-Oriented Software Development and Evolution W3:Ecoop'98 Workshop on OO Reengineering
T4:Designing Concurrent Object-Oriented Programs in Java W4:Object-Oriented Software Architectures
T5:The Agony and Ecstasy of Configuration Management W5:Third International Workshop on Component-Oriented Programming (WCOP'98)
T6:Designing A Light Methodology W6:Second ECOOP Workshop on Precise Behavioral Semantics (with an Emphasis on OO Business Specifications)
T7:Patterns at Work W7:Tools and Environments for Business Rules
T8:Aspect-Oriented Programming using AspectJ W8:Object-Oriented Business Process modelling
T9:Testing Object-Oriented Components W9:Object-Oriented Product Metrics for Software Quality Assessment
T10:Disciplined Object-Oriented Analysis W10:ECOOP Workshop on Distributed Object Security
T11:Analysis Patterns W11:Secure Internet Mobile Computations
T12:Typing in Object-Oriented Languages: Achieving Expressiveness and Safety W12:3rd Workshop on Mobility and Replication
T13:Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms W13:Learning and Teaching Objects Successfully
T14:Object Discovery - A Process for Developing Medium-Sized Object-Oriented Applications W14:Reflective Object-Oriented Programming and Systems
T15:Designing Object-Oriented Software Architectures W15:Aspect Oriented Programming
T16:Understanding Code Mobility W16:OO Technologies for High-Performance Computing (cancelled)
W17:Parallel Object-Oriented Scientific Computing
W18:Automating the Object-Oriented Development Process
W19:Object-Oriented Technology and Real-Time Systems
Demonstrations Posters
D1: Visualizing Object-Oriented Programs with Jinsight P1: The AspectIX ORB Architecture
D2: SoftDB - A Simple Software Database P2: Formalization of Component Object Model (COM) - The COMEL Language
D3: OO-in-the-Large: Software Development with Subject-Oriented Programming P3: Oberon-D = Object-Oriented System + Object-Oriented Database
D4: Dynamic Application Partitioning in VisualAge Generator Version 3.0 P4: OctoGuide - a graphical aid for navigating among Octopus/UML artifacts
D5: The Refactoring Browser P5: Design of a spatio-temporal information system for marine coastal environments using Object Technology
D6: Business Objects with History and Planning P6: An Exchange Model for Reengineering Tools
D7: Poor Man's Genericity for Java P7: The Extended Module System of LOOM: Inheritability need not compromise abstraction
D8: An Object DBMS for Multimedia Presentations including Video Data P8: Run-Time Reusability in Object-Oriented Schematic Capture
D9: OPCAT - Object-Process CAse Tool - an Integrated System Engineering Environment (ISEE) P9: Replication as an Aspect

Technical Programme
Wednesday July 22 , Thursday July 23 , Friday July 24 , Invited Talks , Panels
Addison Wesley Longman Publishers BV , Cambridge University Press , Delaware Computing , dpunkt.verlag , KISS ,
Mjølner Informatics , Oracle , Rational Software Corporation , Springer-Verlag
Social Programme
Social Programme at a Glance
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Weather , Health Regulations , Insurance , Currency , Shopping , Places to Visit , ECOOP'99
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