12th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
Brussels, Belgium, July 20 - 24, 1998

Tutorial T7

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Patterns at Work

Organizers: Frank Buschmann
Day: Monday afternoon
Level: Intermediate
Room: C401 (5th floor)

In this tutorial we present in detail a part of a concrete real-world system and how it is designed with patterns: a flexible and extensible interface to an event-driven server application. Step by step we will re-play the process of the system's construction. We discuss the design problems that occur, present the patterns that could help solving these problems, discuss design alternatives, and show how we actually applied the patterns we selected. By this we will see how the design of the system slowly grows and evolves towards the final architecture, by applying one pattern at a time. We will also see how patterns help building high-quality software with predictible properties, and, very importantly, into what pitfalls we can stumble. The tutorial concludes with a summary of our experiences from several projects in which we applied patterns: what worked, what could be improved, and what did we learn.

Frank Buschmann is software engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich, Germany. His interests include Object Technology, Frameworks and, most of all, Patterns. Frank has been involved in many software development projects, mainly in the automation and telecommunication area. He is leading Siemens' pattern research activities. Frank is co-author of "Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture -- A System of Patterns"

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