12th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
Brussels, Belgium, July 20 - 24, 1998

Exhibits: Companies

KISS , Oracle , Mjølner Informatics , Rational Software Corporation , Delaware Computing

KISS b.v.

KISS b.v. (KISSBelgium@arcadis.be) was established on the first of January 1990 by Ir. G.H.J.M. Kristen MBA and has since then fully specialized in object orientation. In the years since it was founded, KISS has carried out 250 OO-projects in different branches, such as Industry, Logistics, Construction, Government, Banking, Insurance and Telecommunication. The KISS organization currently has offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium and realizes an annual growth rate of about 100%.

KISS supports companies in their projects to introduce and apply object orientation in their own organization. This can be done using different OO techniques and methods, such as OMT and UML. Furthermore, KISS has developed its own OO-method, namely the KISS-method for object orientation, thus providing a solution to information system problems in the nineties.

Commercial presentation: Wednesday, July 22, 16:45 - 17:30 in Aula QB.

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The Oracle8 (http://www.oracle.be/) object-relational database provides the most complete solution to address the object functionality needs of the mainstream business market. It combines the management of complexity in developing applications for complicated business processes, the management and manipulation of any data in a single data store, and the industry's most robust, scalable, and high performance deployment platform. Oracle8 provides a complete application development architecture: a client-side object cache, the object type translator, and automatic marshaling of data between the application and database.

Mjølner Informatics

Mjølner Informatics (http://www.mjolner.dk) is supplier of the Mjølner System and the Hypervise Hypermedia System. Furthermore, Mjølner Informatics offers consultancy services within software development, system design, and object-oriented technology and training.

The Mjølner System is the best solution if you want:

The Hypervise Hypermedia System features:

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Rational Software Corporation

Rational Software Corporation (http://www.rational.com/) is the leading provider of products and services that help companies develop software effectively. Backed by a set of industry best-practices, Rational's products and services improve the productivity of development teams and individuals by automating the critical activities of requirements management, visual modeling, testing, and configuration and change management. Rational's solution complements the major development languages and tools on Windows and UNIX.

Rational Software Corporation is traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol RATL.

Commercial presentation: Thursday, July 23, 16:45 - 17:30 in Aula QB.

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Delaware Computing

With a headcount of 20, the Delaware Object Technology Team (DOTT) (http://www.delaware-computing.com/) is one of the major Belgium-based competence centers focussing on Object and Internet Technology. Its activities encompass both solution-minded projects and consultancy. A substantial project portfolio in areas like engineering, banking and administration is complemented with consultancy offerings like training, mentoring and specific advice on environments, design or architectures. Keywords are languages like Smalltalk and Java, a framework approach to application development, the consequent appliance of object analysis techniques and a timeboxing approach to the project life cycle. Interoperability with existing IT artifacts, emerging standards like COM and CORBA and distributed computing in general are special areas of interest. DOTT is a part of the Delaware Computing Group, a Belgium based IT organization with international subsidiaries.

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