12th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
Brussels, Belgium, July 20 - 24, 1998

Workshop W11

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Secure Internet Mobile Computations

Organizers: Jan Vitek <Jan.Vitek@cui.unige.ch>
Leila Ismail <Leila.Ismail@imag.fr>
Ciaran Bryce
Contact: Jan Vitek <Jan.Vitek@cui.unige.ch>
URL: http://cuiwww.unige.ch/~ecoopws/
Day: Tuesday
Room: B404 (5th floor)

The charter of the Workshops on Mobile Object Systems is to address technical aspects of mobile object systems and to offer a forum where researchers may present work in progress. We have tried to deprecate the use of the word 'agent' as it clashes with its use in Artificial Intelligence research and lacks a clear definition. Instead, mobile object systems should be viewed as the implementation technology for 'mobile agents.'
There have been three workshops so far in the series, all of which have been organised in conjunction with the European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP). The first workshop was held in 1995 in Aarhus (Denmark), the second in Linz (Austria) in 1996, and the third in Jyväskylä (Finland).

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