12th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
Brussels, Belgium, July 20 - 24, 1998


Fee Structure , Participation And Registration Fees , Payment , Cancellation/Refund Policy , Registration Form , Confress Office

The Conference is open only to registered participants. The official language of ECOOP'98 is English.

The Registration Form should be completed (only one participant per form) and returned to the Conference Office Orga-Med. Your registration form has to be accompanied by the payment of your fee, otherwise the registration will not be processed. Please refer to the instructions for payment given below. All expenses due to bank transfer have to be covered by the conference participant. All prices are indicated in Belgian currency (BEF, approximately 1 ECU = 40 BEF; 1 $ = 37 BEF; 1 DEM = 20.6 BEF; 1 GBP = 61 BEF; 1 NLG = 18 BEF). The registrations will be confirmed by the Conference Office Orga-Med after receipt of your registration and payment. On-site registration with cash (BEF only) or credit card is also possible. This may be preferable to sending the payment very late before the conference.

Note that there is a very rich evening programme included in the conference fee. We kindly ask you to indicate on the registration form which of these events you intend to attend, so we can plan sufficient capacities.

Fee Structure

Full-time students qualify for student fees. Student registration must be accompanied by an official letter of an advisor / course instructor confirming full-time student status.

The Member fees are valid for members of the co-operating associations (ACM and AITO), who must specify the name of the association and their membership number on the registration form.

The Eastern European fees are valid for participants from former socialist countries. Any resident of one of these countries whose registration and participation at ECOOP'98 requires economic support (in addition to a reduced conference fee) is asked to send an email to ecoop98.organization@cs.vub.ac.be or write a letter to the organization before May 15 stating his or her name, address, affiliation, research interests, a short description of current research efforts and a cost estimation.

The non-member fees apply to all other participants.

Participation and Registration Fees

Conference Registration Fee (BEF)
  Non-Member Member Eastern Europe Student
By June 19 18000 15000 11000 6000
By July 10 21000 18000 13500 7500
After July 10 24000 21000 16000 9000

The Conference registration fee covers:

Tutorial Registration Fee (BEF)
    Non-Member Member Eastern Europe Student
By June 19 1 unit 7500 6000 4000 3000
2 units 13000 10500 7000 5200
3 units 17500 14000 9500 7000
4 units 21000 17000 11500 8500
By July 10 1 unit 8500 7500 5000 4000
2 units 14500 13000 8500 7000
3 units 20000 17500 11500 9500
4 units 24000 21000 14000 11500
After July 10 1 unit 10000 9000 6000 5000
2 units 16000 14500 9500 8000
3 units 22000 19500 13000 11000
4 units 26000 23000 15500 13000

half day = 1 unit, full day = 2 units

The Tutorial registration fee covers:

Workshop-Only Registration Fee (BEF)
  Non-Member Member Eastern Europe Student
By June 19 7500 6500 4200 3000
By July 10 9000 7500 5200 4200
After July 10 10500 8500 6200 5500

The Workshops-only registration fee covers:

The Workshops-only registration fee is available to persons who participate in one or more workshops, but do not register for the conference. Note that Workshop-only fee does not apply to persons registered for the conference.

SCM-8 + ECOOP'98 Registration Fee (BEF)
  Non-Member Member Eastern Europe Student
By June 19 20500 17500 11500 8500
By July 10 23500 20500 16000 10000
After July 10 26500 23500 18500 11500

The Conference + SCM-8 fee covers the same as the Conference registration fee plus

SCM-8-Only Registration Fee (BEF)
  Non-Member Member Eastern Europe Student
By June 19 10000 9000 6700 5500
By July 10 11500 10000 7700 6700
After July 10 13000 11000 8700 8000

The SCM-8 Only fee covers the same as the Workshops-only registration fee plus

Accompanying Person Fee (BEF)
  Accompanying Person
By June 19 2000
By July 10 2500
After July 10 3000

The Accompanying person fee covers:

Note that the the prices for packet 1 and packet 2 were wrong (they got switched).
These are the correct prices (June 15, more news for people that have registered for package 1 and/or 2 with the "old" prices can be found here).
Pre- and Post-Conference Tours - Partner's Programme (BEF)
  Package Fee
Sunday 19 Pre Conference Tour 2,250 BEF
Monday 20 & Tuesday 21 Package 1 3,500 BEF
Wednesday 22 & Friday 24 Package 2 3,200 BEF
Saturday 25 Post Conference Tour 2,500 BEF

These fees cover the part of the social programme they refer to.

Workshop Reader Including Posters and Demonstrations

Keeping up with the tradition, we will again publish an ECOOP Workshop Reader. The ECOOP'98 edition (expected to appear about half a year after the conference) will be published by Springer-Verlag as a LNCS and will collect reports about the various activities that occurred during the workshops, and from this year on, also posters and demonstrations. As such it serves as an excellent snapshot of the state-of-the-art in the field.

You can pre-order a copy of the ECOOP'98 Workshop reader on the registration form for 1450 BEF. This entails a discount of 45% over the estimated final price. The reader will then be shipped to the address on your registration form about half a year after the conference.


Payment in Belgian Francs (BEF) should be made in advance by one of the following means:


Bank to bank Transfer to ECOOP'98
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
B-1050 Brussel
Account Number: 001-0686455-62
Message: CONI7 PROGINK1 + your name
Bank sorting code: ASLK-CGER Bank (Wolvengracht 48, 1050 Brussels)
Remittance must be free of any bank or other charges to the Organizers


Banker's draft (to be sent by ordinary mail)
The draft should be purchased at your bank (drawn on a Belgian bank) and made out in Belgian Francs to 'ECOOP '98'


Eurocheque with a maximum of 7500 BEF per cheque.
Personal cheques cannot be accepted.


Credit card (Euro/Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, Diners).
Please complete the charge authorization section on the registration form

Cancellation/Refund policy

All refunds will incur a 20 % handling fee. No refunds will be made after June 20, 1998. However, another delegate can be nominated as a replacement. No refunds are possible for any part of the package not taken. Cancellation must be in writing to the Congress Office Orga-Med. The date of the postmark will be used as the basis for considering a refund. All refunds will be made after the Conference. Participants should state the bank to which refunds should be made.

The organizers reserve the right to amend the programme according to unforeseen circumstances.

If you have any questions about registration, you may send an enquiry by e-mail to orgamed@club.innet.be.

Conference Registration Form

The Conference Registration form can be downloaded/viewed in three formats:

Report problems with the downloading or reading of forms to the ECOOP'98 information team.

Congress Office

Registrations, hotel reservations and cancellations will be handled by the Orga-Med Congress Office. For further questions concerning registration, please contact Mrs. Ria Maes at

Orga-Med Congress Office
Essenestraat 77
B-1740 Ternat
Tel: +32 2 582 08 52
Fax: +32 2 582 55 15

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