12th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
Brussels, Belgium, July 20 - 24, 1998

Workshop W4

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Object-Oriented Software Architectures

Organizers: Jan Bosch <Jan.Bosch@ide.hk-r.se>
Gorel Hedin <Gorel.Hedin@dna.lth.se>
Kai Koskimies <kai.koskimies@research.nokia.com>
Helene Bachatene <Helene.Bachatene@aar.alcatel-alsthom.fr>
Contact: Jan Bosch <Jan.Bosch@ide.hk-r.se>
University of Karlskrona/Ronneby
Department of Computer Science
SoftCenter, S-372 25, Ronneby, Sweden
WWW: http://www.ide.hk-r.se/~bosch
Fax.: +46-457-271 25
URL: http://www.ide.hk-r.se/~bosch/oosa98
Day: Monday
Room: B406 (5th floor)

Recently, one can recognize an increased awareness in object-oriented research with respect to the role of software architectures. Examples of this can, among others, be found in object-oriented frameworks and design patterns. During the workshop, the following topics will be discussed: building OO software architectures, role of language in architecture, architecture documentation, OO architectural styles, composition of architectures, component technologies and architectures, architecture evaluation, 'domain creep', experiences and tool support. The goal of this workshop is define the research area and state-of-the-art in more detail and to identify open problems. Attendance to the workshop is restricted to facilitate discussions and generation and exchange of new ideas. Participation in the workshop is by invitation only, based on the evaluation of the participant's submission by the organising committee.

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