12th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
Brussels, Belgium, July 20 - 24, 1998

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Disciplined Object-Oriented Analysis

Organizers: Lois Delcambre
Computer Science Department
Oregon Graduate Institute
Portland, OR 97225
Earl Ecklund
OBJECTive Technology Group
Beaverton, OR
Day: Tuesday morning
Level: Intermediate
Room: C403 (5th floor)

Analysis is a user domain activity, based on requirements described in use cases. The analysis step is critical to the development of a software system because it identifies the cumulative demand on objects and facilitates reuse of objects and responsibilities at the domain level. We base decisions about the level and scope of analysis on the shared model, a mental model in the mind of the various users of the system. The shared model corresponds to users understanding of what the software system must do. The objects and collaborations of the analysis object model are discovered using CRC cards and transcribed using UML sequence diagrams. The shared model provides clear guidance about when to stop the analysis "chase". This tutorial focuses on the role of analysis in object-oriented software engineering. We present the shared model concept and how it guides us on what we should and should not do during the analysis step. We present the techniques used during the analysis chase by way of a detailed example.

  1. Introduction: (20 minutes)
  2. The Shared Model to set the level & scope of analysis (20 minutes)
  3. Building the Object-Oriented Analysis Model: (110 minutes)
  4. Summary and Discussion (30 minutes)
Dr. Lois Delcambre is a Professor of Computer Science at the Oregon Graduate Institute in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Earl Ecklund is a principal with the OBJECTive Technology Group in Beaverton, Oregon. Dr. Delcambre has twenty years of experience as a university professor and was recently awarded the Oregon Graduate Institute Teaching Award for 1997. Dr. Ecklund has extensive experience as a consultant, working with large OO development projects. Together they have been studying and teaching OO methods for the past several years. This course is excerpted from a five day course that covers their complete approach to Disciplined Object-Oriented Software Engineering. They have taught this material about a dozen times in various formats including: a five day short course, a sequence of one day short courses, and as a ten-week graduate-level course at the Oregon Graduate Institute.

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